Congratulations to our partner company Snake Tray, and its president, Roger Jette, for receiving the Harry J. Pfister Award for Excellence in the Telecommunications Industry. The award was given to its newest cable manager: a vibrantly color-coded multi-pocket design for managing cables in hospital and healthcare environments. This is the second award for this product. Previous award was the NECA Show Stopper Award.

I’m sure you can guess by now that Gundy Powder Coating provided the color coating on this first-place design!

First place cable manager

This color-coded cable management system can accommodate up to eight separate color pathways to manage and identify a variety of cables. The finish on this award-winning cable manager is powder coated in Gundy’s 466-foot conveyorized oven. This system processes high-volume jobs such as this one in under two hours. Powder colors can be switched at any time during the 90-minute cycle.


As Snake Tray’s in-house powder coater, Gundy has finished a wide variety of high-profile projects for the award-winning company. Among them:

  • Carolina Panther Stadium: Snake Tray designed and manufactured a custom enclosure to fit into a very difficult space for the new Carolina Panthers Luxury Suites. Gundy Powder Coating powder coated the aesthetically pleasing and durable finish.

  • U.S. Federal Government-Secured Facility: Snake Tray designed and built a custom fiber and copper distribution box for workstations. Gundy provided the custom “yellow” powder finish.

  • Hospital and Healthcare Centers throughout the U.S. Specialized color-coded cable pathways identify and isolate different technologies.

In addition to its conveyorized oven, Gundy also operates two batch ovens. These ovens accommodate odd and oversize jobs, custom-color powder coating, one-offs, and specialty finishes. In addition, Gundy Powder Coating is able to offer same day and overnight service for special orders.

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